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Platform Positions for Republican Representative Candidate Ed Lewis


Sanctity of Human Life

All life is a blessing from God. Life at all stages is sacred. The unborn child is life and should be protected by our Government and all of its citizens. Life is sacred from the moment of conception to the natural ending of our life.

Religious Freedom

Our country was founded by people fleeing a country that didn't allow for the free exercise of their religion. It is a fundamental principle of our government to allow individuals to worship God without governmental interference.

Right to Bear Arms

The 2nd Amendment  guarantees American citizens the right to "keep and bear arms".  This right must be protected and should not be infringed upon. 

Limited Government

The government is best which governs the least.  Limited government which provides the background in which we live but doesn't invade every part of our lives.  The government should not be looked at to solve all of our problems. 


Local control of education has always been the way education in America has thrived. Every student in Missouri deserves a high quality education even if he or she finds him or herself in a district with a failing school. Missouri must provide a method for all students to acquire a quality education.


The Physics definition of energy is the ability to do work. Work will take place in Missouri and elsewhere only if we continue to have cheap, reliable energy sources. 75% of our electricity in Missouri comes from coal fired power plants, and it is one of the reasons Missouri's electric prices are among the lowest in the nation.  Coal, natural gas, and gasoline are the lifeblood of our economy, and we need to recognize this fact even as we pursue alternative energy sources. 97% of the electricity used in Missouri is not generated by wind or solar energy. Click the link below to see the EIA's energy profile for Missouri